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Emotional Intelligence in the workplace


Do you want to develop your Emotional Intelligence Skills?

It is thought that the more emotionally intelligent individuals are those who are able to recognize and express their emotions, who possess positive self regard and are able  to actualize their potential capacities and lead fairly happy lives; they are able to understand the way others feel and are capable of making and maintaining mutually satisfying and responsible interpersonal relationships without becoming dependent on others; they are generally optimistic, flexible, realistic and are fairly successful in solving problems and coping with stress without losing control.  Reuven Bar-On. The Era of the “EQ”: Defining and assessing emotional intelligence.


Develop your Emotional Intelligence skills with Maria through one-to-one coaching sessions on Executive & Leadership Coaching, Life & Confidence and Career Coaching sessions.

Self-awareness, seeing the links between thoughts, feelings and reactions; knowing if thoughts or feelings are ruling a decision; seeing the consequences of alternative choices; and applying these insights to choices. Daniel Goleman. The ABC of Emotional Intelligence.

People come to coaching because they want change.

Coaching with Emotional Intelligence facilitates personal effectiveness and behavioural change. It is crucial to develop Emotional Intelligence in the workplace.

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Within coaching sessions we will look at all the 15 relevant Emotional Intelligence Skill-set (E.Q. Reuven Bar-On Version 2.0) with the aim to maximize your personal effectiveness and overall wellness. Emotional Intelligence coaching helps to bring back the focus to yourself with the aim to build your confidence and the way you express yourself , your assertiveness skills,  develop your interpersonal skills and maximize your effectiveness in the process of decision making and stress management skills and more.

In terms of Career coaching developing your Emotional Intelligence  skills is crucial as it will have a positive impact in your career progression, your career choices and your interview skills and your overall relationships and personal effectiveness. Different roles will require a particular set of Emotional Intelligence key skills  together with the relevant technical skills that you want to be aware and develop in order to be successful.

In terms of Executive & Leadership coaching we will use Emotional Intelligence Coaching to help you develop the relevant competencies that will maximise your leadership potential and help you in your role as leader to increase work satisfaction, create trust, and foster commitment and loyalty.



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