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Public Speaking & Presentation Skills

Learn to Speak and Present with Confidence

Public speaking and presentation skillsLearn how to improve your PUBLIC SPEAKING and PRESENTATION SKILLS.Work with Maria through one-to-one coaching sessions, workshops or corporate training.

Aimed at everyone that wants to build their confidence when delivering a SPEECH orPRESENTATION and want to FEEL COMFORTABLE to present their own thoughts or ideas in front of a group. You will learn PRACTICAL TIPS on how to write an effective presentation and develop your  OWN PERSONAL presenting STYLE when delivering content. You will have the opportunity to PRACTICE and will receive individual constructive FEEDBACK from Maria. This is a unique opportunity to practice this crucial business skill in a safe , positive and constructive environment.


Who should attend?

Employees working at all levels in the organization


Course objectives 

Participants will learn 

  • How to make a positive impact when presenting to others
  • Strategies to ground yourself before ,during and after giving your speech / presentation
  • How to prepare and write  effective presentations
  • How to work a room and present to different audiences
  • Identify  your own personal style of presenting 

Course outline 

The course will focus in four modules

  • Presentation skills
  • Self-awareness
  • Grounding Strategies
  • Practice/Feedback

Learning Process

  • Interactive workshop approach
  • Practical Individual and groups exercises

Course Duration

One full day from 9:30 am to 5pm. 

Facilitator: Maria Lynch/MJL

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