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The Enneagram System of Personality Types

Discover The Anatomy of Personality using the wisdom of the Enneagram.


20150917_161857What is the Enneagram?

The Enneagram is a complex and fascinating system of personality that describes 9 core types or points-of-view, nine ways of seeing and experiencing the world. Combining traditional wisdom with modern psychology, the Enneagram is a powerful, practical and dynamic system for understanding ourselves and the people in our lives- our family, friends, work colleagues and more.


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How can we use the Enneagram for our personal growth and self-development?

This workshop is a starting point on a journey of self-discovery and it is suitable for participants with no previous experience of the Enneagram.

Each of us identifies with a personality type that will act as a filter of our reality. This will influence how we see, perceive things and how we react. This workshop will help you recognise the strengths, behavioural patterns, point of views, motivations, gifts and potentials of each personality type.

This workshop will bring awareness and understanding of these 9 point of views and the realisation that our point of view is not the only valid one. Maria will take you into this journey that is the study of the Enneagram with gentleness and curiosity, in a safe, non-judgemental environment. We will bring these 9 types to live in a day packed with fun, interaction, music, discussions and fundamentally clarity of the 9 different types and patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving.




Maria teaches the Understanding Personality Types courses based on the  Riso-Hudson Insight Approach for the Enneagram System of Personality Profiles. She trained with Russ Hudson – the world’s leading Enneagram teacher and co- author of the Best seller- The Wisdom of the Enneagram. Maria  completed THE ENNEAGRAM INSTITUTE® TRAINING PROGRAM in New York .








Participants Testimonials

Maria’s knowledge of the subject and wonderful manner in presenting made the workshop ad pleasure to attend. Ursula. Civil Servant


I loved the day. This introduction was presented in a lively fun filled way. I am already familiar with the Enneagram but got many new insights today. I would highly recommend the course. Kathleen. Nurse


This workshop is a great safe environment to learn more about yourself and learn to build confidence. Rebecca. Marketing


Maria’s energy is exceptional. She is bright, funny and motivating. I love doing her courses and would listen to her talking about anything! Annette. Teacher


Enjoyable day. Food for thought, peaceful environment and lovely enthusiastic teacher. Liz. Paediatric Physiotherapist.