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Irish Independent Weekend Magazine- How to do first date small talk -Maria with Claire O’Mahony


Irish Independent Weekend Magazine 16th January 2016. The Dating Game.

 Meet the singleistas – Paula MacSweeney and Teodora Sutra on what it’s really like to date in Ireland.  Andrea Smith

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 The Dating Game.

How to do first date small talk

Maria in conversation with Claire O’Mahony.

If you’re feeling stressed about having to impress with your witty repartee and are worried about awkward silences, Maria Lynch of Motivated Joyful Living, an executive and confidence coach, offers the following advice: “Before you go out, set a positive intention for yourself that the date will go well. Our perceptions and expectations will impact our confidence levels on the day,” she says. “Keep expectations minimal and a perception to be open to new opportunities. Perhaps the approach of meeting a new friend is better than the prospect of meeting the possible love of your life, which will make the situation more emotionally charged.A date is ultimately a conversation between two people.”

Maria suggests not having a fully rehearsed approach and prepared topics of conversation, which may have you sounding like a robot, and to show genuine interest in what the other person has to say, while keeping your body language open with eye contact and a natural smile. If you are feeling awkward, she suggests acknowledging it out loud and making fun of it. “In my opinion The most important thing is to stay genuine, warm hearted and to show respect for yourself and the other person. If all fails, still congratulate yourself as you are taking action and getting out there which is a big part of building your confidence,” she says.

Irish Independent Weekend Magazine 16th January 2016