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Confidence & Assertiveness Workshop

Next date and location: To be announced.

Please note this workshop has been temporarily cancelled due to Covid-19 . Please contact us for more information.

How do you know if this workshop is for you?

Do you tend to avoid conflict and withdraw because you are not sure what to do or say ?

Are you facing bullies in your line of work or in your personal relationships ?

If yes, this is the workshop for you. This  workshop will give you the opportunity to practice how to be assertive and develop an assertive mindset and a more confident approach to challenging situations.

Learn how to impact when communicating with others, how to manage conflict and how to set healthy boundaries and protect your energy during challenging situations. This workshop is aimed at adults of all ages that want to improve their assertiveness levels and feel confident to stand up for themselves. You will leave feeling re-energised and motivated. Learn this crucial life skill and set yourself free! Testimonials