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Assertiveness Skills

assertiveness training

This practical and interactive assertiveness training is designed for participants who want to improve their assertiveness levels and feel better about themselves.

It is an opportunity to develop greater self-awareness and understanding on how to develop an assertive mindset.

Learning how to develop this key skill will enhance your life and build your confidence. 


Who should attend?

Participants that wish to increase their assertiveness skills levels working at all levels in the organization. 

assertiveness training








Course objectives 

Participants will learn 

  • How to make a positive impact when communicating with others
  • The behaviour styles you adopt that can help or hinder your performance
  • Understand the difference between passive, aggressive and assertive behaviour
  • How to achieve your desired outcomes in a positive way
  • How our thoughts affects our behaviour and the way we feel
  • How to set healthy boundaries and manage your emotions during conflict
  • How to protect your energy, feel less stress  and remain calm during challenging situation
  • How to develop an assertive mindset  
  • How to think and behave assertively
  • How to improve your negotiation skills using assertiveness

Assertiveness training course outline 

The course modules will be adapted to the audience needs. The course will be delivered in different modules covering:

  • Communication skills- Assertive Communication
  • Self-awareness
  • Boundaries 
  • Assertive Behaviour 

Learning Process

  • Group discussions
  • Workshop approach
  • Individual and groups exercises
  • Role plays
  • Energy awareness and self-management exercises

Course Duration

One full day 

Facilitator: Maria Lynch/MJL

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