One-to-one Self-esteem and self-worth building

 Do you feel lack of self-esteem and self-worth ? Do you feel not good enough to accomplish what you want?  Do you feel you lack the confidence ? Are you facing bullies and not sure what to do ? Have you been giving your power away ? Do you feel worthless and helpless at times ?


If yes, This one- to -one coaching sessions with Maria could help you regain your sense of self. These sessions are suitable for anyone that wishes to build their self-esteem and self-worth and  increase their confidence through self-awareness and self-development with the aim to achieve a fulfilled and happier life.

one to one self esteem buildingConfidence & Self-esteem influences  the quality and happiness of our lives. This work will help you recognise low self-esteem and will show you how to build up a more positive image of yourself. Maria




one to one self esteem buildingLearn ways to regain control, set clear boundaries  and get your power back through clear strategies and  techniques.  This work will help you to reconnect with your sense of self and build up a more positive image of yourself and expand your options for the future.




Maria has been featured talking about Confidence in the Irish Independent. Most recently in The Sunday Independent with journalist Liadan Hynes. View all Media.


“Maria’s  life lessons ” Liadan Hynes undertook an assertiveness training course with life coach Maria Jose Lynch and ended up with a complete lesson in life skills.

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