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EFT – Emotional Freedom Techniques for stress relief and energy boost

EFT tappingHave you heard about EFT also known as Emotional Freedom Technique ?


Have you seen the “tapping techniques” On Paul McKenna?

What is EFT ?

EFT is a modern energy based technique.

Do you want less stress, more energy and better focus?

Contact Maria to book a one-to one stress reliever/energy boosting session.

EFT tapping helps with energy draining anxiety, gives yourself a boost, aids relaxation, brings a feeling of  peace and calm into body and mind, promotes clarity of thinking , increases the body/ mind connection and awareness ,connects with your intuition, releases stress and unwanted anxieties and fears. It works wonders for tackling both sides of the too much stress/not enough energy modern day life dilemma so you can operate from a place of inspiration and motivation rather than anxiety and fear.



Maria is a Master Practitioner in Meridian Energy Techniques.

Contact Maria to book a one-to one stress reliever/energy boosting session.

Email Maria for one-to-one appointments and enquiries.



Maria combines Energy Psychology modalities and techniques like  Energy EFT- Emotional Freedom Technique Tapping , POSITIVE EFT, Traditional EFT , EFT Heart & Soul , Matrix Re imprinting, TAT (Tapas Acupressure Technique) and NLP for stand-alone stress relief, resilience building and energy boosting one-to-one and groups sessions. These Techniques enhance and deepen the experience of coaching and training. Maria complements Energy Psychology with Coaching and Training with a practical emphasis and the aim to make it easy for you to benefit from these techniques in your daily life forming new positive habits that will contribute to your wellness and personal effectiveness.

Tap into fresh energy ! Pick yourself up with and Energy booster/Stress relief session with Maria.

Emotional Freedom Techniques can help restore energy. Following the tapping protocols and tapping points will help when you are tired, increase vitality and strengthen your immune system.

TAT (Tapas Acupressure Technique) is a simple, easy to learn, hands on powerful, self-help, healing technique that gives you the power to instantly transform your health, your well-being and your life! This powerful Energy Psychology healing technique is based on Traditional Chinese Medicine and uses a set of points on the head where many acupuncture meridians merge and enter the brain. Contact on these points opens up a flow of energy that allows the brain to rapidly process and release “stuck “information, thought patterns and beliefs.



Email Maria for enquiries and to book your one-to-one stress reliever/ energy booster session.

You will leave the EFT session with Self Help Tools, Personal Experience and Understanding​.


EFT clears out energy blockages and improves energy flow

EFT has been in use for over 15 years releasing  stress, anxieties, fears  and negative emotions  through Gary Craig’s meridian tapping techniques.

MJL focuses on Positive EFT as a resource to complement Strengths, Success, Career, Executive, Life and Confidence Coaching  bringing your attention to positive qualities and positive energy to build the future you want.

We  will focus on What do you need right now to make you feel better, right away.

Positive EFT helps to increase the energy flow of what you want to achieve by giving it positive attention. It is an extremely effective resource to di-stress your system and get clarity of what is it you want.


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