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Personal Confidence Workshops Titles

Confidence & Assertiveness

Learn how to make an impact when communicating with others, how to manage conflict and how to set healthy boundaries and protect your energy during challenging situations.

Confidence and Self Esteem

Confidence & Self-esteem influences the quality and happiness of our lives. This workshop will help you recognise low self-esteem and will show you how to build up a more positive image of yourself.

This workshop will show you ways to regain control and give you clear strategies so you can feel your own self again managing the intensity and duration of unnecessary and unproductive moods and increasing the frequency of your positive ones.

Confidence & Presence and Visibility

Confidence and Presence are two fundamental states of mind that are necessary and important to flourish in modern life. Learn how to be more confident and improve your presence for VISIBILITY and how to develop the art of being present and grounded in yourself during challenging situations.

Confidence for Interviews

This day is designed to build your confidence for interviews and help you present yourself in a positive manner. Connect with your strengths, get clarity about how to answer questions and get overall tips on how to be successful in the interview process. This workshop will be a step in the right direction and aims to reconnect with your innate qualities and strengths being true to yourself.

Understanding  Personality Types

This workshop is a starting point on a journey of self-discovery and a guide to Understanding different Personality Types. This course is suitable for anyone that wishes to increase their self-awareness through self-observation and self-reflection with the aim to build heathier relationships, promote understanding and achieve a fulfilled and happier life.

Confidence Building 

Whatever your life circumstances, this interactive and practical workshop is designed to give you an immediate boost so you can regain your confidence and raise your energy to have clarity, focus and a positive perspective in life. This day is literally a booster to give you energy and resources to take on any challenge that life is throwing at you. When we access positive emotional states of mind things starts changing for the better.

Making the Most of Your Potential
This workshop will give you the motivation to take the first step in the right direction to unlock your potential and reconnect with your innate qualities and inner confidence and strengths being true to yourself.