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Understanding Personality Types


The course was absolutely brilliant. It was informative, fun and Maria was an excellent facilitator, she made everyone feel heard and she was so warm and friendly. Kay

The day flew. Very enjoyable way to learn about myself and others. Clem

Enjoyable day. Food for thought, peaceful environment and lovely enthusiastic teacher. Liz

I loved the day. This introduction was presented in a lively fun filled way. I got many new insights today. I would highly recommend the course. Kathleen

This workshop is a great safe environment to learn more about yourself and learn to build confidence. Rebecca

Very interesting and different from the other courses. Jennifer

Very informative, well presented and well facilitated. Positive, humorous, clear presentation, good visuals. Very enjoyable. Martina

Met a great bunch of wonderful people and learned a lot about myself and others. Birgit

Well delivered, informative, Maria put a lot of energy into it, two days would be good, a lot to take in. Marian

Very illuminating, I learned a lot – a lot more to learn. Ailbhe, Counsellor

Highly valuable and a tool to understand yourself and others in this society to have a more compassionate understanding towards yourself and others. Mairead, Hospitality

An excellent day – very satisfied. Maud, Nurse

Really enjoyable and informative. Jackie, Retail

The course was great and I feel I could have a better outlook about others and myself. Georgia, Student


The whole day was super. Maria was excellent, explained everything and facilitated the work in a very professional way. Would love a follow up course on what we learned today. Thank you.  Dervila

Maria’s knowledge of the subject and wonderful manner in presenting made the workshop ad pleasure to attend. Ursula

Really enjoyed the day. Maria was a wonderful presenter – she had so much energy. Toni

Maria’s energy is exceptional. She is bright, funny and motivating. I love doing her courses and would listen to her talking about anything! Annette

Absolutely had a brilliant day with Maria, she is so full of knowledge and intuition and very good feedback. Recommend everyone should take this course. Kay

The course was excellent. Maria made it very interesting, understandable and enjoyable. Vivienne

Really great class. Maria includes all in workshops in a safe and fun environment learning about ourselves in really valuable and understanding interactions with others. Mary

Extremely useful and valuable, delivery excellent, both energetic and engaging. Maura, Homecare Consultant.

This course was fantastic. Maria was so engaging and kept my attention throughout. Thank you. Shauneen, Student.

This one day with Maria has opened up such potential for greater self-development. Deirdre, Planner.

I really enjoyed the course today. Maria is a fabulous teacher, full of energy and I would recommend this course to everyone. Maria.


Today was a fascinating insight into the world of personalities. I would really like to attend another more in-depth workshop. Maria is fantastic. Mary

Met a great bunch of wonderful people and learned a lot about myself and others. Birgit

Very interesting and different from the other courses. Jennifer

I recognised my personality type and I am going to build on being stronger and speak up when I am not happy about something. Anne

Insightful exercises and group activities that helped me understand my personality better and a path to growth. Aileen

Interesting, makes me think! Doolin, Secretary

Very enjoyable, really makes you think. Maeve, Civil Servant

A very thought-provoking and intensive session, delivered by Maria in a very caring manner. Jenni, Teacher

An open interesting learning about yourself and how you intereact with others and life, how you can change if you want. Louise

This is a really good and informative course that gives a high level view of personality types. It made me want to learn more! Maria is a great speaker and teacher. Grainne, Accountant


I found today’s course really interesting in relation to personality types and also found that each of us has our own difficulties and demons – self- awareness is so important. Catherine

Really enjoyable courses. Maria brings out the positivity within you. Caroline

This course helped me to understand myself better and to see myself in different ways. Leah

I came to this course knowing nothing about understanding personality. I am learning with a better understanding of myself and others. I hope this will help me in the future. I am positive it will! Deirdre

Thought provoking and makes you more curious and want to learn more. Grace

Inspiring and thought-provoking workshop with Maria – fabulous. Fidelma

Enjoyable, thought-provoking day, wonderful insight into personalities. Jacinta

I’d recommend it – intense but makes you dig deep and develop interpersonal skills as well as a heightened self-awareness. Sarah, Engineer

The course is thought-provoking and really interesting. Also to accept that all personality types are of equal value and all must accept that to be fully aware and evolved will require acceptance and work on oneself. Fiona, Teacher

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