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Saturday 26th September

1 DAY Workshop open to the general public. Adults of all ages.

Location: To be announced

Cancelled due to Covid-19. Contact us for updates.

This workshop will increase your awareness through self-observation and self-reflection with the aim for your to achieve a fulfilled and happier life. This is an opportunity to have a better understanding of yourself and others using the Enneagram system of personality profiling. We will cover the fundamentals of the Enneagram system to get you started in a journey of growth.

Do you want to know why certain people seem to push your buttons more easily ? Are you looking for the truth about yourself and others and to know more about your strengths, potentials and gifts ? Are you tired of self- criticising and sabotaging your progress when faced with challenge ? Would you like to be able to respond  better rather than react in certain situations ? Are you interested in how can we truly develop our potential as human beings ? If yes, then this course is for you.

Maria is a certified Riso-Hudson Enneagram teacher. She teaches the Understanding Personality Types course using the Riso-Hudson Insight Approach for the Enneagram System of Personality Profiles. 
She completed her teaching certification with THE ENNEAGRAM INSTITUTE® in New York, training with Russ Hudson, the world’s leading Enneagram teacher and author of bestselling book The Wisdom of The Enneagram.

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