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1. Colour & Make-Up Consultation

In a Colour consultation you will know what colours are in harmony with your own complexion and how to coordinate colours to enhance your outfit, make up and hair colouring. Wearing the right colours will soften lines, minimise shadows and make you look healthy, glowing and even younger!

A Colour consultation is done using professional colour drapes to determine your main colour characteristics and your Season. You will know what colours to wear together with make up tips to suit your complexion and what hairstyles and accessories work best for you.Your personal colour cards are included as part of the fee for the consultation. This is a once-off consultation with no repeat purchase.

To find out more please e-mail us or phone 087-2794346. 
Home Consultation or By appointment: Walmer Holistic Centre, Howth Road Raheny (01-8329648) or Dublin South-Rathgar.
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