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Style & Colour for Men

How can you benefit?

Do you want to maximize your personal branding and professional impact? Do you want to know what colours suit your complexion? Do you want to learn about the psychology behind colours and how to use this information to your advantage? Do you want to look successful and professional in front of your clients and team?  Do you want to learn about image & style with a down to earth consultant in a safe and confidential environment? If yes, this is for you.



ID-10033908Mens Style & Colour Consultation

Know the logical principles behind shape, style and colour. Know what colours suit your complexion, the psychology behind what you wear and when to use the right colours to make a positive impact on people. Know what clothes styles work best for the image you want to project.

A Colour analysis and consultation is done using professional colour drapes to determine your main colour characteristics and your Season. You will know what colours to wear together to suit your complexion and what hairstyles and accessories work best for you. Your colour analysis, personal colour cards and outfit inspection are included as part of the fee for the consultation.







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