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Marketing Strategy & Strategic Thinking

Marketing Training


This practical and interactive marketing training provides an opportunity to understand and become familiar with the fundamental strategic concepts of Marketing and Strategic Thinking for Planning.




Marketing TrainingWho should attend?

Employees working at all levels in the organization.

Aimed at Executives that wish to understand the Marketing dynamics , concepts and apply them to the business strategy.



In this marketing training, participants will learn:


  • The principles of Traditional Marketing and Marketing Strategy.
  • The concepts of Internal Marketing- within the organization and External Marketing- Target market
  • To understand the concepts of Positioning, Unique Selling Proposition, Marketing Mix, Market segments and Target markets.
  • How to target a market segment ( by geography, psychographics, socio-cultural factors, demography)
  • The importance of Branding and the concepts of Brand Essence and Brand Identity
  • To Follow the AIDA model to create copy an evaluate advertising.
  • The concepts of Strategic Market Development
  • How to create a Vision/Mission Statement 
  • Effective Strategic Goal Setting 
  • Become familiar with resources to help Strategise your business: SWOT , Ansoff’s Growth Matrix, Boston Consulting Group Growth Share Matrix 
  • Be able to translate these concepts into clear strategies within the organization.



ID-100152531Learning Process

  • Group discussions
  • Workshop approach
  • Individual and groups exercises

Course Duration One full day from 9:30 am to 5pm. 

Facilitator: Maria Lynch /MJL


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