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Confidence Building- 1 Day Foundation course for Women

ConfidenceConfidence Building– 1 Day Foundation course for Women with Maria -Personalised workshop.

This confidence building foundation course is aimed at women of all ages that wish to build their confidence. It is the most personalised type of workshop I can offer to build overall confidence.


The numbers are strictly limited to 5 participants so I can make the day relevant to you and what you want to cover. This course will help you understand what confidence means and how to build it.

Image0148 Confidence is ultimately a feeling and it is about having trust and faith in your abilities and in what is right for you. The day will put you on the right track to undertake your own personal challenges. It is positive, uplifting and overall practical as I will give you techniques and we will do interactive and individual exercises during the day. If your intuition is telling you this is for you please follow it and email Maria or reply to the newsletter to book you in and send you all the logistics.