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Colour Consultation

Colour ConsutationWith  badly dressed women people will remember their clothes. With a well dressed woman, people will remember the  woman. Coco Chanel


How can you  benefit?

This is a personalised consultation with Maria. Know what colours suit you and are in harmony with your complexion and how to use colours to enhance your outfits.This is a fun, practical and full of tips consultation.

Will I know What colours can I wear?

Yes. In a Colour consultation you will know what colours are in harmony with your own complexion and how to coordinate colours to enhance your outfit, make up and hair colouring. There are six colour families Bright, Light, Cool, Warm, Soft or Deep. Maria will do a colour analysis to determine which family do you belong to.

Will I be able to wear my favourite colours?

Yes. We all can wear every colour in the spectrum. The trick is to know what is the right shade of colour for you. For example, if you are a fan of red, Maria will show you  which red is the right for you according to your colour profile.  Otherwise, the colour might overpower your look.

You will also get basic make-up and hair colouring analysis, advice on what accessories suit your face shape and tips based on  your complexion  and colour analysis.

colour consultation

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colour consultation

Wearing the right colours will soften lines, minimise shadows and make you look healthy, glowing and even younger enhancing your beautiful self!




Colour consultation

A Colour analysis and consultation is done using professional colour Colour consultationdrapes to determine your main colour characteristics and your Season. You will know what colours to wear together with make up tips to suit your complexion and what hairstyles and accessories work best for you. Your colour analysis, personal colour cards and outfit inspection are included as part of the fee for the consultation.





PrintI have been passionate about Colour and the effect it has on people’s complexions and mood since a young age. I am fortunate to have a strong visual mind together with a deep knowledge and understanding of Colour that I can transfer to you in a simple, practical and fun way.  Maria



To find out more please contact us or,

phone 087-2794346.

One-to-One Appointments : 21A Lea Road, Sandymount, Dublin 4. For an alternative location please Email Maria


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Oh, I love red. I’m very loyal to my colours. Elizabeth Taylor 

Bit of Colour Trivia.

Did you know ?

Yellow is the colour worn by Hindus to celebrate the Festival of Spring and in China yellow is associated with royalty and respect.

Red is associated with good luck in China. A red door brings prosperity to the residents.

The longest wavelength of light is red and so is the highest arc of the rainbow!


Red is the ultimate cure for sadness.

When in doubt, wear red. Bill Blass. Fashion Designer.